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Cannot Receive ICQ msgs

I’'ve Installed pyICQ per instructions found on this forum and have been somewhat successful. I can send messages to ICQ contacts online, but cannot receive their responses. My buddy list shows up on my jabber client (soapbox). BTW is Soapbox a good client pgm or is there a better one?

Any ideas?

Well I figured out that the error was due to one of the ICQ contacts using an old version of ICQ.

My question still stands for a good client. I know that there are a million of them out there, but any direction would be helpful

i havent tried SoapBox so i cant compare, but i like Exodus and Psi. neos have pretty cool design and look. I prefer Exodus because it follows most of XMPP better than other clients i have tried.

Hey SteveJFrank,

Even though we do not recommend any client in particular, the most popular clients among the JM community members seem to be Pandion, Exodus and Psi. You can see the list of clients in this link: http://www.jabber.org/software/clients.shtml


– Gato

I just installed PSI it looks like it works well, but I still don’'t have everything working well with the ICQ Transport. Here is where I am at:

  1. I can’'t receive reply messages from users using ICQ ver. 2003b.

  2. Status sometimes doesn’'t show correctly.

  3. I use some korean text. When I msg Jive users they can see the text fine, but when I use ICQ transport the text is garbage.

FYI the following issues are present regardless of the client so I have a feeling that they relate more to the ICQ transport.??

Also, I’‘d like to install pyMSN but run into an error I think because I don’'t have pyopenssl?? So I downloaded openssl, but do I have to compile this myself? using perl? is there something I am missing or is this the correct method?

Thanks again guys you are great.

Ok guys one step forward…two steps back…I found the correct instructions for pyopenssl, but when I attempt to build/install I get the following…

Python was built with version 7.1 of Visual Studio, and extensions need to be built with the same version of the compiler, but it isn’'t installed.


Ok…Done and Done…

I guess I just needed to spend a little more time investigating…

I have successfully installed and have running ALL three transports (AIM, MSN, and ICQ)

I had to tweek AIM main.py a bit because there was an IF loop that was causing the pgm to hang. I think it was looking for some .exe, so I just commented it out and it works fine.

I think I am going to end up using Pandion…(btw it is the same thing as Soapbox…I guess Soapbox just branded it).

Is there a way to show offline users in Pandion?

Thanks again for all of your help.

if you are using PyICQt, PyAIMt and have problems with it, you can PM jadestorm. He is the author of these transports and he’'s now on this forum too.