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Cannot rename user in roster after initial roster addition

I’‘ve found that if I try to rename the nick name of a roster entry, it does not work. In the example I’'m including, I am trying rename “Christine” to “Chris”. Here is the server stream log:

6/16/03 3:02 PM <item jid="cbartlett@catreus

@catreus" name=“Chris”>

6/16/03 3:02 PM

6/16/03 3:02 PM

As you can see, I get back the nick name “Christine” when I receive my roster list update. Is this a known bug?



Hmmm…it’'s not letting me change groups either:

6/16/03 3:23 PM <item jid=“mlennox@catreus” n

ame=“Marc” subscription=“both”>Research

6/16/03 3:23 PM

6/16/03 3:23 PM


You’'re sending an iq-get not an iq-set, which is retreiving the current entries not updating them. I just retested the code and it should work when you send the iq-set (hopefully an easy change with your client library).


Doh! I should have seen that…yup, that should be a really easy change!