Cannot restore embedded DB/conf file

Hi everyone!

I have openfire 4.7.1 running on server 2008 r2. suddenly it stopped working, tried many times to restart service/application but no luck.

I backed up /conf and /embedded-db folders, deleted openfire folder on C:/Program Files, downloaded 4.7.1 installer, installed again, copied the backup folders to main folder and started the web page. instead of showing user/pass, it showed the config screen again (i don’t think this is what should happen when restoring a backup), i tried to follow the steps but after putting my password (yes, my older password) i get the following error message:

Unable to save conf/openfire.xml file - check that it is writable

I think that somehow, the conf file was corrupted.

Any chance to fix this? Tried the process to install/reinstall many times.