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Cannot see twousers?


I use ldap shared group with Jive Messenger Server. I can see all the users in the shared group except two user’'s. I can see the users on the server admin console but not in the chat client. I confirmed that these users are also part of the ldap shared group…

Please help/




Do these user names have any funny characters like a space in the name?

There are lots of threads on the forum related to LDAP and users not being visible, but given that some of your users are appearing, it may be something like that.

If you post the user names, perhaps one of the LDAP experts can help you out.



The following are the two user names:

  1. mukhers

  2. ghoshsu

However when i look for these usernames in the LDAP shared group their usernames appear as:

Mukhers and Ghoshsu - the first letter in the username listed as Capital or Upper Case.

When i search for username, they appear all as lowercase but in the group they showup as first letter in UpperCase.

Any thoughts…



I’'m seeing a similar problem. Except only 5 out of 33 users are showing up. on a rare ocasion all 33 show up but that has only happened twice.