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Cannot send invite to GTALK


After 6 month of working perfectly well, suddenly my users cant send anymore chat invites to GMAIL, since today.

I didn’t change anything nor install the new version. Just happened. Can somebody please help me??



There could be a possibility that Google has changed soemthing in their APIs. IF you use Kraken plugin, nothing you can do as it is not maintained anymore and you can hit more problems in the future (with other gateways also).

Hi, thank you for your response.

I’m not using Kraken plugin. Just server to server communication. The funny thing is that it seems to be working fine for google hosted domains, but not for gmail.com, which is what I need (urgent).

One more thing:

Chat invites sent to google hosted domains, they do work. The problem is with gmail.com domain.

More data to my issue:

I have several bots with a roster of thousands of gmail accounts. Could it be that I reached a rate limit on google?

Please help me, thank you

This issue is not connected to openfire. I have found that you can’t send authorization request to GTalk users on gmail.com domain from third party servers any more.

Thank you for your response Pavel. I also read your reply on google forums and stackoverflow

It makes sense what you say, but, yesterday I signed up for an account to a chat service similar to mine, and this service managed to send me the chat invites to my gmail account.

Then I subscribed for another 2 live chat services and didn’t receive the invites. They say that it could take 1 day.

I will paste the answer to the other forums, maybe someone else can confirm your theory.