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Cannot send messages on reconnect

Hi jadestorm

We’ve run

into a snag using 1.1.2. Let’s say you

sign onto your aim account via openfire.

Let’s say, for example, you use www.meebo.com

to sign into the same AIM account. You

will get an AOL System Msg for both accounts.

If you sign your openfire account off by pressing on with the meebo

account, you will be disconnect from aim (rather rudely), but you will also be

reconnected about 5 seconds later. Now

here’s the bad part:

When you

are reconnected, you can receive presence and messages, but you cannot send


Is this

fixed in 1.1.3a? If not, thought you’d

like to know. By the way, I’ve posted on

the forum too.

I would give you logs, but there is nothing in logs that’s specifically mentions a disconnection or a reconnection.

I see that it works in 1.1.3a! What would happen if there’s a connection timeout from aol, do you treat it in the same way?

Howdy! A connection timeout should be treated as a “reconnect” event. =)