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Cannot support TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA384

Anybody knows, what this is? Happens since Upgrade to 4.0.


This might be Openfire suffering from something similar to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15076820/java-sslhandshakeexception-no-cipher -suites-in-common


Install Java JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files to solve this problem.

On the other hand, you can remove the support of this cipher. Go to Client-to-server or Server-to-Server settings, click the Advanced configuration link, from Encryption Cipher Suites section, remove the TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA384 entry (left plane), or you can remove it from xmpp.socket.ssl.client.ciphersuites System Properties