Cannot talk to user

Hi there!

I am quite new with Openfire. I am trying to create a server that can talk to users in or Gmail users. I have created an account in and I use another client for my accounts in my server. The point is that I cannot see the status of in my server user. The point is that I can initiate a conversation from the client but I can’t answer from the client created in my server. Any idea about what is happening with all this???

Appart from this, I have tried installing two servers on two laptops with different public IPs and have the same problem. Has it something to do with security certificates?? I have done nothing with them I have just left them as they were when I installed Openfire.

Thank you!!

P.S: I am using IP adresses as domain instead of a name like for example… Is there any problem with this as well??

I am replying myself again, hehehe. I managed to talk properly from users on both servers. Just installing auto signed certificates. Now I am trying to communicate with the outer world. To do so I managed to get a certificate from startssl but… I got an AES key and as many as you know this does not work with openfire ( I didn’t know…). Is there any way to use this key and certificate with openfire??

Thanks a lot!!!

Hehehe. Things are getting worse… I have managed to install the startcom certificate. I needed to add a startcom server certificate to my trustore. Problem… now it can’t communicate in any direction with the jabber user. Keep you (or myself informed).