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Cannot view contact list

We have a user who can sign into Spark, and it shows she is online. However, she is not able to view the contact list. The Spark icon is in her system tray, but when she clicks on it, nothing happens. A reboot/shut down has been done, and this has not helped.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Spark remembers window positions. Is it possible that she dragged the window off the visible screen? You can rectify this by deleting her Spark folder from her user profile. This will cause spark to be reset to default settinigs.

She says that the login screen is very high up in the left hand corner of her desktop, so it sounds like this is what happened. When we have her delete the profile folder, is this going to cause a problem or force a reinstall? I am assuming it is just going to force her to re-enter her profile info, but I want to make sure.

Removing her spark folder will just cause her to lose all her locally stored Spark settings. No need to re-install. She will need to re-enter the server name a reset the preferences for spark. Her profile may be stored up on the server. Just be sure she only deletes her own Spark folder from her profile in Documents and Settings if she is on windows.

THANK YOU!!! Worked like a charm