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Can't AUTOLOGIN into SparkWeb with Internet Explorer, Firefox Ok!

Hi everybody !

I have embed SparkWeb into my Intranet, it works fine.

I have activated the AUTOLOGIN, in order to get conencted as I am already conencted to my Intranet.

It works fine with firefow, but with internet explorer, can’t make it work…

I just get the login page in Internet explorer, and it works if I enter the right login and password information…

Any idea of what it could be ?



Ok, I answer myself, I have found the problem…

There was a trailing comma in the jive_sparkweb_getConfig function that don’t bother Firefox, but Internet Explorer, yes…

Good finding. Don’t forget to mark this question as Answered

Ok, done !

I want to turn on autologin for my sparkweb installation (using red5) but I cant find that file you editted. Can you tell me where it is?

OK, I found it @ \Program Files\Openfire\plugins\admin\webapp\sparkweb\index.html but when I modify/add your code, it doesnt work. What am I missing?