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Can't change servername, missing or incorrect DNS configuration


today i upgraded to OpenFire 4.1.0 on Debian 8.6 (jessie) using the officially provided deb files. My server is multi-homed running on servername “hermes” within a private ip space. I’ve got split DNS set up and there exist public DNS entries for jabber.fbn-dd.de with a public reachable ip. When i logged in to Admin Console I’ve seen the feature to check DNS configuration:

Server Host Name (FQDN):
hermes DNS configuration appears to be missing or incorrect.

The public DNS is the only advertised service with valid SRV records and is recognized by the DNS SRV Record verification page. So i tried to change servername to jabber.fbn-dd.de, but the form does not save my change. I can’t find a useful hint in logs. Config files are writeable for the user running OpenFire.

Any help is appreciated.

this hasn’t been documented yet, but you can create a property called xmpp.fqdn and set this to your servers fqdn

It works.

Thank you.

The bug is that changes on this form are not saved upon clicking “Save”.