Can't connect in Spark (login loop)

Hello! Not sure if im on the correct thread but I somehow can not open Spark. After i type my log in credentials it will authenticate and then I see a little message connecting please wait and the screen will go away. Once I open it again it will ask for my password and just kind of going thru the loop repeating the same process over and over again.OS is Windows 10.

I have branched your post into a separate discussion as it probably has nothing to do with SSO. Do you use Openfire as a server? Which version if so? Which Spark version? You can check error log and post its content here

C:\Program Files\Spark\logs


  1. spark\logs is empty. Ive tried the compatibility check and came back with incompatible device but this can not be right since Spark was able to open just fine in my friend’s Windows 10 computer.

Yes, Spark works fine on Windows 10 for me. At least the latest version. You can check what version you are using in the Help > About menu.