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Can't connect SPARK after upgrading to Openfire 4.2.1

I upgraded to version 4.2.1 today, and now I my clients cannot connect to the server. If I do a netstat, it looks like port 5222 is not listening. I saw the note about the issue in 4.2.0 with the database schema issue, but I don’t think that is the case since I get version 26 when I query the system. Any ideas?

From what version have you upgraded? If it was older version, then new version installed a service and if you try to run launcher, then they interfere with each other. Also, if you started using it as a service in this version, you may need to open 5222 port in your firewall. That is if you run on Windows.

Amigo buen dia, mira que me pasa lo mismo y nada que funciona la conexion del cliente en intentado:

  • desactivando el firewalll de windows y el antivirus que utilizo

Quedo atento

amigo buen dia, alguna solucion puntual para que los clientes del spark se puedan autenticar con el openfire 4.2.1.