Can't connect to conference server from external account


I’m using Openfire as my jabber server on Server A. I’m having another account on an external Server B. Now I’m trying to connect from the account on Server B to the conference server on Server A. But this doesn’t work.

Connecting from Server B to a Server C like works and connecting from a local account on Server A to the conference server on Server A also works fine. This means to me, that the problem is on side of Server A.

So, has anybody an idea why I can’t connect to my server with an external account? Could it be a firewall problem?

Thanks in advance.

(Hope the description above is clear enough)

It could be a firewall or certificate issue. Try to connet to server B from server A and take a look at your log files.

There is also Server To Server HowTo’s - it is old but it should still apply.

Thanks for the link to the HowTo.

The results:

  • from an account of Server A I can add a user of Server B and communicate
  • from an account of Server A I can connect to an external conference server
  • I still can’t connect from an external server to the conference service of Server A

And somehow there are no logs available. Even no debug messages.

Do you have public DNS entries for conference.your-servername and your-servername?

I didn’t had for Now it works. Thanks for your help!