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Cant Connect to Jive Meesenger Server through External IP address

My system is behind a linksys router i have all of the ports open and I am unable to connect even through MyUser@ISP.IPAddress where all ports are forwarded to the server machine I want to be able to setup the server to connect to the external(internet) IP address instead of my intenral(network) ip addreess

I have port forawrding on router setup to forward all ports to Server

I have dynamicDNS Service through no-ip.com with an A Record and CNAME

Please help

You mention “all ports”, does that mean that any service port is available through the router to this machine or that you have all of the Jive Messenger ports opened?

Connecting to external IP vs. Internal: you want users outside the router/firewall to access the server with the external IP or did you mean you want clients INSIDE the router/firewall to use the external IP address to connect (i’‘m not familiar with linksys, but depending on the firewall and how it handles xlate tables, you might not be able to use external IP’'s to connect internally)

Can you try to port scan from the outside back to this server and verify that the router actually has the ports open? (there are several web services that will scan for you)

when you resolve the domain name from the inside are you resolving the outside IP or the internal IP? (nslookup from a command prompt)

I suppose my main question is really for clarification of the first part. who is supposed to use the external IP? clients inside the router/firewall or clients outside the router/firewall

You won’'t be able to connect to your global IP from inside your LAN. Have a friend try it from outside your LAN.

well i got it to connect but now im having authentication problems…it says Connected. Authenticating… and Hangs there for a while only to error out even when i try to connect using or my LAN IP Address any help with this?

oh and about the ports…i had all TCP Ports from 1-65535 open and now i just have the Jive ports open it connects but wont authenticate

By any chance is your server behind a proxy server?

I have to use a VPN connection to get into my Jive server at work, and my no-ip DNS router points to the proxy server

I figured it out…there was a software firewall that i didnt know i had at first that was blocking the traffic