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Can't connect to Sparkweb Red5 from Outside. All ports open

I have spent numerous hours working with openfire, spark, and sparkweb. I still consider myself an amateur in this area. I have 2 working installation of openfie and sparkweb. This one is the first that I am trying with red5 plugin.

I am able to login from inside my network but I am not able to login from the outside. Although I can use the spark client from the outside. I get to the splash page but once I hit login it reloads the page. I have verified that it is processing my credential because if I use an invalid username it tells me not authorized. Either way when I hit login the page is reloaded.Keep in mind that this works perfectly from inside my network. My goal is to eventually secure it but I just want to get it working first. I know the most common issue would be ports open on my router.Although I’m certain these should all be TCP I opened UDP just to make sure. I have verified they are all pointing to the correct server.

Open Ports









The next would probably be my config file.

var username = getPageParameter(‘username’, ‘’);
var password = getPageParameter(‘password’, ‘’);
var autologin = getPageParameter(‘autologin’, ‘false’);
var webapp = getPageParameter(‘webapp’, ‘red5’);
var conn = getPageParameter(‘conn’, ‘http’); // socket, http or rtmp (using xmppurl below)
var tls = getPageParameter(‘tls’, ‘true’); // socket, use TLS or not

return {

        username: username,
        password: password,
        server: window.location.hostname,
        port: conn == "socket" ? 5222 : window.location.port,
        red5url: "rtmp:/sip",
        xmppurl: "rtmpt::8000/xmpp",
        webapp: webapp,
        connectionType: conn,
        connectionTLS: tls,
        policyFileURL: "xmlsocket://" + window.location.hostname + ":5229",
        webcamAvatar: "false",
        visualPresence: 120,
        historyChats: 2,
        autologin: autologin


Please help. I have been working on this for way to long. I do not understand what I could be missing.

Thank you in advance

I had a similar but not exactly the same problem about 2 weeks ago. I am on a Verizon FIos circuit. I found on my port forwarding that I had to specify ANY -> 5222 and so forth. Good luck. I hope it helps.