Can't connect using TLS - server shows SASL PLAIN

okay. Let me try a different tack on this. I have an openfire server running v3.6.0a I can connect to the admin console. I have set up my client port to be 5225. I am authenticating using LDAP/AD. I can actually connect to the server using Spark as my client. However most of my users are Exodus or Pandion users. When I attempt to connect to Openfire using Exodus in looks like it connects but then hangs and does not complete it’s connection. It doesn’t show up in the admin console as being a connected user. In the debug log I can see that is tries to make a TLS connection. In the debug for the client I am seeing a reply from openfire that advertises SASL PLAIN as the mechanism. I have put the other mechanisms in the properties for the server but they don’t seem to get propagated out and advertised. I really need to be able to connect using Exodus/Pandion using an encrypted connection. Can someone please give me some advice or help? I will take anything even if it just joggles my thinking.

Solved this through some help on another thread. I regenerated my ssl/tls certs and placed them in the …/resources/security directory. I then stopped and restarted my openfire server and BAM. Exodus logs in and all is well. Evidently my SSL certs were not valid.