Can't connect with client

hi every body… i’ve been install openfire to do some test and evaluations and then usit as the intitutional IM…

i’ve just configure it in my machine (ubuntu 8.04! ) to do the first test and lern how does it work… everything goes fine and seems good to me and my boss…

now is the time to put it in a server (Read Hat 5) and make a try with a 100 people… but sorprisely we can’t, becouse the ports 5222 and 5223 does not apear in the server configuration and the client can’t connect… i try to reconfigure it and see the ports and save the configuration, but the ports are steel missing…

some help please

what can i do?

Did you copy the config files over or start fresh? Do you have a firewall running on the local redhat box?

to the first question the answer is yes, that was the first thing i’ve done.

and no, i have not a firewall running in the redhat box.

but we have an active directory to serv the users and proxy

if you copied over the entire config you may need to force the setup to run again to get rid of any pointers to your test box. Edit the openfire.xml and change the , then open the admin website and enter the proper info for the new server.

I agree, I had to do that when I copied my config over. I had to chown the files also after copying them from an Ubuntu box to a Cent box.

ok… thnx for the answers there were helpfull…

this thing is solve right now, the problem was the dns servers… i’m not the server adminstrator, that’s the reson i don’t know about the configuration of that kind of things in this particular machine, but i ask to the administrator about the problem and see that the server was unreacheble from the others machines, becouse the server was not register in them and more than that in the /etc/system/network the dns wasn’t presents… then we just add the dns servers and talk to the dns administrator and we told her that we need an alias to our openfire server and, tada, every thing work perfect…

by the way… after we fix this problem, the msn getways stop working. We don’t understand why, then we try some things and after a dnslookup the gateway get back on rails and now we are about to start the real test.

thanks for the help and hope openfire grows more becouse is a real solution to the IM and business colaboration and comunication.


thanks for the help people