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Can''t connect with flash client library


I really appreciate your help with this, and here is my followup;

After many head banging attempts…lol…, I finally got this client to work, but there is an issue, and the reason my first crack at this with the voisen example didn’'t work. This particular client seems to only work using a host name and not an FQDN. My Jive messenger was originally configured using “Jive” as the host name, and after reading your post, along with a previous one, i decided to browse to the html file using only the hostname and path; example http://jive/www/jive/example.html (this worked).

For this entire time I have been using an FQDN; http://jive.kidsnet.ca/example.html...Once I isolated the problem, I modified the Jive Mesenger config to use jive.kidsnet.ca as its host name, made all the necessary changes to the swf and html, but to no avail.(the page comes up but no connection to the Jive Server).

The bottom line is it appears that unless I am doing something horribly wrong, this particular client, as is, only works from the LAN using a hostname. Obviously there is a solution, as the other client i have (mantioned in my previous thread) works using an FQDN, making it available to the WAN, again the only problem is I don’‘t have the source, and don’'t know enough about flash or the XIFF library to work with the fla you posted to resolve this…

Any advise or assistance would be great




Hope your head isn’'t too sore!

The issue is actually Flash (not trying to pass the buck here…) The problem is with Flash Player’‘s sandbox restriction, so what you’'ll need do next is use a crossdomain.xml file. Refer to this TechNote on Macromedia for details.

http://livedocs.macromedia.com/flash/mx2004/main_7_2/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/ wwhelp.htm?context=Flash_MX_2004&file=00001097.html

Please note that I haven’'t had a chance to test this part out, but this should at least point you in the right direction.

Good Luck!

  • Barry


I may hemoraged something but i’'ll be alright, i think…LOL…I will check ou the link you posted and update my progess, or regress …lol.back here…




Here goes,

Some success!!

Creating a “crossdomain.xml” file with the following code;

<?xml version="1.0"?>

( i used a wildcard just for testing)

Place the file in “your.domain.com” directory

Then adding this load reference to the fla:


It may not be the cleanest solution but it works! …lol

A couple of notes:

Within Jive messenger, I could not get either flash client to work if I changed the host \ domain config to use an FQDN (although the xmpp client PSI still functioned normally). I was forced to use a host name only …“jive” as opposed to “jive.domain.com

For those who are much more fluent with flash, I believe that calling the user name and password from another file would be much more efficient similar to this one posted earlier http://www.velonummer.ch/pics/, rather than embedding it into the swf. this way one swf could be used for many clients, making it easy to dynamically generate login pages per user.

Also, would it be possible to create groups within the client interface as opposed to creating within the action script. I see a lot of limitations and administrative overhead here. Ok enough from the peanut gallery, just figured these thoughts deserved a mention. I will post any revisions i make here…(keep in mind, I’'m a flash newb)…I hope any others developing a flash client will also make the source available, maybe even Jive could provide some space for those who want to develop a client…hmmm…lol


This library works great with the example (and messenger 2.1). Since jabberstudio isn’'t currently online, does someone have the documentation for this library.



I think this is what your are looking for:


Hey All,

I’'ve been in discussions with Sean who created the XIFF project. As he is moving onto other things, he has asked the community to help carry the torch with XIFF. So, the good news is that we will be managing the XIFF project moving forward. Within the next month, we will post the XIFF project at www.jivesoftware.org, complete with source code and recent fixes, documentation, and example code and samples. Stay tuned!

  • Barry