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Can't connect

Hi, I can’t connect to a chat server of a game. It loads like 10 seconds then it says “Not authorized. Please try again.”

function jive_sparkweb_getConfig()


return {

server: “chat.eun1.lol.riotgames.com”,

connectionType: “socket”,

port: “5223”,

autoLogin: “false”



Username, password and domain are good. I am able to conncet to the server using other xmpp clients, but I have to write “XIFF” in resource. I have to add this here too? If so, can someone tell me how please?

Ok I tried more, and the problems seems to be the ssl. It must be set to, like in the windows client, “use old ssl method”. Any way to do this?

Okay, I tried all the day and can’t get it to work.

port: “5223” from documentation i see that’s used to old ssl method.

bindPath: “socket”. I tried both socket and http-bind, can’t get it to work.

In win spark works like a charm with user@pvpnet, password, resource, host, port 5223, use old ssl port method.