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Can't delete Group friends

If i delete the Group “Friends”, it is after restarting Spark still there and i do not know how i can delete this group!

I use the Spark Version 2.5.8 and


3.4.1 Server.

Please help me!

The Friends groups the default group created by and used by Yahoo Messenger. If you are using this gateway that group is pulled from your Yahoo messenger account. To remove this group you would have to remove the group from Yahoo.

Sorry but i do dot use the Yahoos Messenger, only the Jabber Server.

So you do not have a yahoo account you are using via the gateway plugin? If not, then check to see if there are any shared groups on the server with name of Friends. If the server is pushing the group to you you must remove it from the server.

Thanks sixthring - that explains it.

I’m using Spark at work and the IT dept. has ‘pushed’ a goup to me and I couldn’t figure out how to delete it.

I made a new group and I can delete that one by just right-clicking on it.