Can''t Deny AIM Contacts

I don’'t know if this is Spark or the gateway.

When I log into Spark I get a all the contact Alerts that I have already denied.

So when I deny these contacts again, soon as I relog in I get the alert to add them again.

I’‘m wondering if maybe Spark isn’'t sending something to the gateway when a contact is denied.

So just o get this straight… when you say contact alerts, you are referring to like… ‘‘Ths user has added you’’ or something along those lines?

Sorry for not being clear on this.

Yeah, it is an alert of the user wanting to add me to their Roster.

It gives me three choices: ‘‘Accept’’, ‘‘Profile’’, and ‘‘Deny’’

Except, when you deny them, as soon as you connect again, you get all the alerts again.

So pretty much, I just keep getting these alerts each time I connect.

We are using Wildfire as our Jabber server with the gateway plugin.


cyclone wrote:

Except, when you deny them, as soon as you connect again, you get all the alerts again.

That’‘s standard behavior when the client doesn’'t accept/deny the request. So this looks like a client issue.

Unless, of course, the deny is coming through to the transport and the transport is ignoring it, at which point it might “try again” next time you log in.

Well this is how Spark is handling the deny:

Presence response = new Presence(Presence.Type.unsubscribe);

Which is the client I am getting this problem with.

Is there more that the client needs to do for denying via a Transport?

It seems like any client I use to try and deny these AIM contacts, doesn’'t work.

The server is Wildfire using the IM Gateway plugin.

Even when I am not connected to the AIM gateway I still get the alerts.

The thing is, it is 233 alerts.

Is there a way a wildfire admin could remove them painlessly?

If anything… I guess I could get a new jid.



I figured it out.

I just needed to corner the admin and question him.

He was connecting to the aim gateway a different way.

He wasn’'t using the IM Gateway plugin.

Sorry… for wasting peoples time. :-\

No worries! Thanks for letting me/us know what was going on and congrats that you figured it out! =)