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Can't Edit Workgroup properties in Fastpath

Hi All,

I am newbee to linux as well as openfire too.

I somehow managed to install openfire 3.7.0 along with fastpath and webchat plug in.

When I access I can see the page webchat page and 1 workgroup that I created after the installation.

My issues is :

  1. The workgroup is offline and I can’t find way to make it online.

  2. I am unable to modify the settings of workgroup.

When ever I go to Fastpath tab in admin console and then click on the one and only workgroup that I created to make changes I get this error.

Please find the attached txt file. I could not paste the error code here as it is too lengthy.

Requesting all to help me asap.


Makarand Maha.

fastpath-workgroup-error.txt.zip (965 Bytes)