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Can''t find plugin on Wildfire 2.4

I install a new windfire on d:\wildfire

and download a broadcast plugin jar file , put it in the plugin directory

but , I can’'t find it, even the search plugin disapear !!

but , in the plugin directory , the broadcast and search have been unzipped to dirs

anyone know why?

I asked the similar question at http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=16989.

i’‘ve got this problem, too. and i’'m on linux.

is anybody know why?

Add me to that list. I posted a new thread without realizing there was one already here…


Same here, all of my plugins that I copied over aren’'t appearing at all in the new wildfire server. Any fixes being prepared for this?

Same problem here. Centos 4.2.

Hey guys,

Sorry for the inconvenience. I just uploaded the newest version of the plugins that work with Wildfire. Try downloading them again and let us know if you are still having issues.

PS: I still have to upload the newest Asterisk-IM plugin. Will be available in a moment.


– Gato

Broadcast and Registration are working now. It seems they were upgraded or changed.

Just about everything seems to be working now, but the SparkManager. Thanks to whoever fixed it, which seems it was Gato[1].