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Cant get online users in a group

I’‘m trying the example .fla that comes with XIFF 2.0 beta 3, anything goes well but the roster list is empty. I try the gepato fix over the roster class, but don’‘t fix the problem. Here’'s the code I use to log to the server(2.2.0 beta1).

[CUT HERE]----

var connection = new XMPPConnection();

connection.username = “werem”;

connection.password = “123”;

connection.server = “localhost”;


var chatRoom = new Room( connection );

chatRoster.dataProvider = chatRoom;

//chatRoster.dataProvider = [, ]; -

This line works fine with the datagrid!

chatRoom.roomName = “TEST_G”;

chatRoom.nickname = “werem”;

chatRoom.conferenceServer = “localhost”;

[CUT HERE]----

I’'m using Pandion as another no-flash test client, I see the “werem” user loged in the TEST_G group, but the rosterlist( a datagrid) seems empty in the example.

the chatRoom object seems be empty cause chatRoom.length = 0.

Any workarround to this problem?