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Can''t get spark to use Asterisk-IM

Hi everyone,

I am new to spark and I have some questions regarding how to get spark work with asterisk-IM.

Here is what I did so far:

  • I have installed wildfire server in an asterisk box and sucessfully run it.

  • I also installed wildfire server to my Windows XP box

  • Installed Asterisk-Im plugin in both boxes.

  • From my box, I am able to login to Wildfire Admin Console and map phone settings. In other words, I am able to assign extensions to sip users.


*downloaded spark but It does not connect to the asterisk remote server. The specific error message “can’'t connect to server:invalid name or server not reachable”. I am doing this because asterisk box lies in a remote server.

*if I change the user name to my XP box user name and password, and IP address, Spark works but again, I am unable to make calls because I can not see “Dial” or something similiar in Actions tab.

Question here is : How can I use spark in my work place, so that people can make phone calls and they can get call notifications using asterisk and asterisk-IM and Spark? It seems like, I configured everything “right” in wildfire admin.

Thank you very much


First off. Why do you need to wildfire installations?

Second, can you ensure that the Asterisk-IM plugin is connected to asterisk properly. You can verify this by typing show manager connected[/i] inside the asterisk console.

Hi Deniz,

you may get more help in the Asterisk forum. Anyhow you should be able to connect with Spark to both Wifi installations. It’'s recommended that you use DNS names together with Asterisk.

Maybe we can use this thread only for the Spark login problems?

Which Wifi server causes trouble for you (XP ?), can you resolve its xmpp.domain?

To get better help regarding Asterisk you may want to post in the Asterisk-IM forum and post there whether you did configure the phone mappings on both Wifi servers and post how you did set up the plugin, maybe also post your Asterisk configuration file.



I figured out the problem. Yes, I did not need both wildfire installations. Now the users are able to login but can’'t make a call eventhough there is a button for dial the number.

So for this problem, Do I need to post the question Asterisk-Im forum?



Yes please post as new question in the asterisk-im forum. We don’'t like to have more than one question per thread. The asterisk-im forum is more appropriate too.