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Can't get the Broadcast Plugin Working w/Groups?

I have the plugin installed, default settings, I’m an admin & member of the group. I’ve tried [groupname] and all.

Perhaps the problem is related to my server’s DNS name. My server is chat.foo.com

So, I’ve tried broadcasting to [group]@broadcast.chat.foo.com

It seems to accept the message, but doesn’t broadcast.

However, if I send to all@broadcast.chat.foo.com it works.

I believe I isolated the issue(s).

  1. Group name had an Upper Case letter, even though I matched it, it still didn’t go through. Yes, I know the read me already said to using lowercase is preferred.

  2. Using LDAP with 1000’s of users. We already had a username with the same group name as I was trying to use (often we use a group name as a user for a generic email - this was probably confusing the plugin.

Once I used a unique name AND with lowercase, it worked.