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Can''t install search plugin (Wildfire 3.2.3)

On my production server which was online for a few days after upgrade to 3.2.3 i cant install search plugin. While upgrading i had overwrited plugins dir (except of admin dir) with one from backup. So there was an older version. 1.2.1 of plugin. But after i select upgrade it has gone form Plugins page, and it is on Available plugins page, but without install button. I tried to delete plugin and its dir manually while server running. Then it is shown with install button on Aval.plugins page. If i try to install it, it says “Installation successful”, but again, no plugin on Installed plugins page, and it hangs on Aval.plugins page without install button. No errors in error.log or warn.log while going through this process. Dont want to restart server just now.

Have restarted the server today. Now Search 1.3.1 has appeared on installed Plugins page. And it’‘s working now. Though i’'ve found this line in warn.log

2007.03.19 19:47:22 Error unloading plugin search. Will attempt again momentarily.

so, i’'m closing this question so far.