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Can''t install Spark 2.0 beta on WinXP SP2


I have downloaded “spark_2_0_0_beta.exe”, and double click thespark_2_0_0_beta.exe file, then the install4j dialog displayed. However, after the progress bar completed, there were no response. I also tried the spark_1_1_4_.exe, the result was the same.

But, when I tried the spark_1_1_4_online.exe file, after the install4j dialog progress completed, then the install wizard window displayed, and I can installed spark 1.1.4.

Why? Does this because the version with JRE and without JRE?


JDK: JDK1.5.0 update 7

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I got the same prob. my system is win7, and the installer i use is spark 2_5_8. hope someone will give some help

I use online version. it works fine