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Can't install the openfire service on Windows 2003 server?

I have installed the server based program on a Windows 2003 Server and it seemed to install okay. Then I tried running the command openfire-service /install as the directions state from the Run window and nothing happens. The service is not already running. I launched the open-fire program and it says that it is listening at, but when I launch the Admin Console button, I get a browser window that says Apache Tomcat error report. When I go to a browser window and put in the above URL, I get a Symantec console manager notice. Perhaps that means Symantec Antivirus is using the same port so how do I change ports on Openfire. Seems like a bunch of questions here, but probably all related pretty closely.

they are not related at all. the service has nothing to do with ports. the ports are configured during the setup of the server. do you get an error when trying to run the service creation app? are you running it from the bin directory? in other words from the command prompt navigate to the bin folder then execute the command. are you running the command with sufficient priviledges? Is group policy blocking the app from executing?

Thanks, I have decided to download the Outlook Messenger program in the meantime. I only had a few hours to dedicate to this. Outlook Messenger installed immediately and I can bypass the server so it seems like a good option, although it will cost us $79.