Can''t know the location of thread

It seems the location of thread has dissapeared from the top of the page. I mean there is no path (Wildfire Support > etc.) And i remember there was such.


Ah, and there was an error while posting first message, written in red. Something about server, but the message was posted anyway.

you tell me is this thread from Spark or from Wildfire forum

Hi Oleg,

location is still a very good subject. You did mention Cyrillic chars but I wonder how can them be displayed if the server sends

Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1

within the HTTP header and also the web page contains

I’'d love to see UTF-8 support so everyone can see Cyrillic characters without modifying the browser settings. The euro sign € is not included in this codepage so I wonder how it will be displayed. Actually most browsers accept more than the codepages defines but it is a dirty solution to hope that the browser will display it.


I just see text written in russian I didnt modified my browser. I think Firefox is doing it automaticly with Auto-Detection turned on. IE also. They show that IS-8859-1 is selected. Just the title of page doenst show normal chars.

Hey, this is really annoying.