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Can't log in to admin console after new install

I’ve gone through 3 complete fresh installs (new SQL DB and all) and each time it completes without error, yet I can’t log into the admin console.

I’ve tried simple and complex passwords, no difference. Any ideas where to look would be great.

This is my first time using this, so I’m also wondering what to use for a chat client. Sorry if I sound lost, but the documentation could use some work.



I didn’t see a way to edit the original post, so I thought I should include some tech details. The Openfire server is running on a 2008 R2 server, SQL is 2005 on a VM.

OK, I figured out that Spark is the client. A little brain dead here after spending 2 12 hours days here and then comming in at 5 AM.

Tried it again an hour later and I logged in - odd, but at least I’m in now.

You can save your time if you read the announcements above the forums.