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Can''t log in with my gmail account in Spark

I think I’'ve tried all options I could…

What I get is “invalid username/password” message all the time…

I’‘ve tried several accounts and checked that passwords are correct, and I was trying usernames with @gmail.com, @googlemail.com or without anything at the end, and i’'ve tried both gmail.com and talk.google.com servers, turning on and off old SSL and compression checkboxes…

Still no results.

I am using Spark 2.5.3 for Windows (English)

I guess the correct combination should be:



server: gmail.com


host: talk.google.com

port: 5223

resource: spark

response timeout: 10


Use compression

start debugger on startup

(but it does not log in still…)

I would be infinitely thankful to someone who could tell me what I am doing wrong… Thanks!

Maybe I posted to the wrong forum? Where else could I find support on this problem?

This is the correct forum. Cant find it via search, i have correct login options at home (at least they worked some time ago with Spark). You need to specify talk.google.com as server if i remember right. Not sure what username should be.

Me too. Just upgraded to 2.5.4 and now I can’'t login to gmail.com. Looks like something broke in 2.5.3.

My install of 2.5.2 still works.

Can’'t login into gmail account too…