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Can't login to igniterealtime forums

When I try to log in to the ignite realtime support forums as my original username “ne1scott” it says :

It appears your account has been disabled. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake.

Where is this administrator and how do I contact them ?

I ended up creating a second account (ne2scott) so that I could post.

Just wait until some of the admins notice this post.

Hi Scott,

I’ve reenabled your account ‘ne1scott’, let us know if you have trouble logging in.

Chris can you remove the gateway plugin from the server. It no longer functions correctly.

Thanks !!!

Any chance you can link/move my 3 posts from today on the ne2scott account to the ne1scott account and then delete the ne2scott account since I’ll no longer need it ? If not, I guess I can just live with 2 accounts.

I guess posting it here and waiting for an Admin to notice is the ONLY way to contact an Admin at igniterealtime.org

Well, you can also PM or email Chris or Benjamin Sherman.

Another way is email. We respond to non-spammy/non-mailer-daemon emails to webmaster or admin [at] igniterealtime.org.

I have created a tool for just such a purpose. It’ll take me a few days to get it installed and run it, but I’ll merge this new account into your original account before long.