Can''t login via LDAP Active Directory

I configured LDAP via the LDAP wizard. I double checked my LDAP syntax and it’‘s correct. I even used LDAP browser to verify that my syntax is correct. The conntect tests show OK, however, I can’'t login. Should I simply use my domain username, or, should I used the syntax ‘‘domain\username’’ when logging in? I added 3 x different users to the admin user list, however, none of them can login. Below is my LDAP syntax.

My domain is My administrator username is Administrator.



I’‘m able to perform LDAP queries perfectly with the above syntax and the LDAP wizard shows that this syntax connects just fine, however, I can’'t login?!

I got it to work. I used the suggest setting in the .xml file for LDAP.


I had ‘‘cn’’ instead of ‘‘displayName’’ and it didn’'t work. It only works when using displayName.

My last thread fixed it.