Can''t logon

After installing spark 2.0 I keep on receving the “Invalid Username or Password” error. I made sure my settings is the same as before (port 5223 and use old SSL) and am sure I am typing in the correct password. My coworker cannot login also with the new version. I tried disabling force SSL and change 5222 port but still no luck.

I logon with gaim with above settings and works fine. Rolling back to 1.x works.

Anything else I can change / try?


Hi johnh,

Could it be something related to unusual characters in the username?

We have the same experience this after upgrading Spark. The users that I know of that cannot login have spaces and swedish characters in their usernames. Like “some usä”.

This thread might be the same question:


My user name is johnh and others are also first name plus first character of last name.

I found out it might be a problem with SSL, but still weird.