Can't multiple login with iChat, but can with Adium

Current version of Openfire. Switched to iChat because Adium seems particularly unstable with a group chat.

But the problem is I can’t multiple login with iChat. Every time I go to another computer, it logs me out of the first computer with a message dialog

There was an error with Jabber.

The moderator has removed you from this chat.

This does not occur with Adium.

What do you have configured in:


It was set to Always kick, which I changed to Never kick, but it still booted me. Do I need to restart the server after changing the setting?

It still doesn’t explain why iChat kicks me when I log into from Adium on another computer. I have a location set under iChat > Preferences > Accounts > Server Settings for the one computer, but I couldn’t find an equivalent setting in Adium.