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Can't not authenticate with my own table

Hi, friends!

I meet a problem when using another table for authentication.

I only change the key-value in the table ofproperty like this:db.jpg

then i restart openfire, with no errors!

but i can’t login into the openfire console with the username ‘admin’ like this : unlogin.jpg

At the same time, user can not login into spark like this: wrong.jpg(wrong username of password )

For test, i copy the table, ofuser, into my own database, the situation is not changed!

Am i done something wrong? Please point out! Thanks a lot!

Hi! I have solved this problem casually!

Actually, i have made the correct operation.

I can’t login into spark and openfire console because i input a wrong password.

After changing the settings, openfire reads the password directly.

I meant, a password like “123”, after encrption, comes “jifej33i2o3jo”, so, “jifej33i2o3jo” shows in a

table called ofproperty. And, when you login, you should input “123”;

But in the new cast, after change the authentication, just input “jifej33i2o3jo”,and i log into the client.

So, i said openfre read the password directly in the new table.

And now comes two new problems:

1.can not create a new user in spark client by press the account button;

2.can not create a new user in openfire console by press “Create New User” like this:

“X Not allowed: the user account system is read-only.”

Anyone can help?