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Can't open openfire page

Tody, I can’t open openfire page through eng4u.cn:9090. It’s taking forever to load the page. but it worked yesterday and the day before. I have run command /etc/init.d/openfire start. and the status shows openfire is running. And I can’t login into spark, the error is: incorrect username and password. Please help me…


do you see errors in the error log of Openfire? Maybe an OutOfMemory error?

It may help to stop and start Openfire.


You are right. It turns out it’s OutofMemorry error. I can’t believe my VPS hosting company didn’t give me the memroy that I actually ordered. I purchased 4GB memroy, but when i use top command in linux, it shows only 1gb. I have created a ticket and they have changed the memory for me. I can’t believe I have been running my website with 1gb memory for over 2 months.