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Can't Rate Document

The Rating field appears in the header of a document list, but I can’t find the clickable rating stars.

Hey, Rating of documents is turned on now (have just rated one). But you can rate only inside of the document. Those stars in the documents list are just to show the rating.

We just turned on the ability to rate the documents. Like wroot says, you do have to open the document to rate it.

Thanks guys! My mistake for not remembering whether it’s a text link or stars , but I know where to rate docs cause I did it when this site was in beta.

p/s: When it comes to responding to the community’s (well… at least to my) questions and concerns I personally like this new Ignite Realtime MUCH more than the old one :x.

To Dawn especially: you’re quick! you’re responsive! you ROCK!

To Dawn’s superior, listen to this: If I could rate her, I’d rate MAX x 23! She’s damn AWESOME!!!

forwarded this thread to my manager.