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Can''t register phone device

I want to implement soft phone that build-in jabber client(I used buddyspace for client). I chose jive messenger for server and Asterisk for PBX server.So I follow these step:

I’‘ve installed jive messenger server(version 2.2.2) and Asterisk PBX server(Asterisk-win32 version 0.5.2). Then I’'ve copied asterisk-im JAR file to plugins folder of jive messenger server.

But when I start jive’‘s admin console, in the asterisk-im console, It had only General setting console(it didn’‘t have phone mapping console). So I can’'t add user/asterisk phone mapping.

What wrong about my installing step.

Please help.

This is a non issue with beta 4. When Asterisk-IM beta 4 came out we changed to support the Messenger 2.3 style admin tool. You could still access the mappings page, but you had to enter the URL in manually.

Since Jive Messenger 2.3 was released today as well as Asterisk-IM 1.0, I would recommend upgrading both.

Good Luck, Let me know how it goes.


I’'ve changed to use jive messenger version 2.3 and asterisk-im version 1.0 today and it can solve my problem.



I’'m thinking of doing the same - there are also some of my students interested in. Can you share your work for collaboration and give more info ? What softphone are you using (Sip communicator or other) ?

We are also interested in using Buddy space into this project…

Thanks in advance,