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Can''t register users from external interface


I have a php website so i try to register in the wildfire database (jiveuser and jivegroupuser tables) from my php files.

But new users don’'t appear in wildfire web interface.

And i can’'t connect with jeti client.

I don’'t understand how it works!

Here are my queries:

$requete = “INSERT INTO jiveuser (username,password,email) VALUES (’’$pseudo’’,’’$password’’,’’$email’’);”;


if($id_sexe==1) {

$group = “Hommes”;

} elseif($id_sexe==2) {

$group = “Femmes”;


$requete = “INSERT INTO jivegroupuser (groupName,username) VALUES (’’$group’’,’’$pseudo’’);”;


Someone told me “In wilfdire direct inserts in database only takes effect after restarting wildfire.” Is it true?

Can you help me please?

solved here: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=17680