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Can't register with IM gateways

All the gateways appear when I do service discovery in psi or pandium and i select register and it says that the account has registered successfully but none of my contacts appear. One the openfire gateway registartion page it shows them registered but says ‘never logged in’ - is there anything obvious that I’m doing wrong?


Do you have debug logging turned on? That might help indicate what’s happened. Psi should be working ok. Pandion has a wealth of issues with the IM Gateway plugin. (I’ve outlined them in one of the articles in the documents section) As far as I can tell Pandion isn’t developed anymore. =( After you register, a presence probe should have gone out to see if your client is online and if it is, auto-log you in. I’m sorry, I don’t have many more suggestions without seeing some debug logs or anything like that. =/