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Can't Remove Conference Server Services

I have several Conference services listed in the SparkWeb Conferences tab, i.e. conference.jabber.org, conference.psi-im.org. When I right click on one of these conferences and select Remove Server it goes away as expected. However, the next time I log with SparkWeb the conference server that I removed is back again. How can I remove it so that it does not appear again?

This would need to be removed from the admin console > Group Chat > Group Chat Settings. The conference services could either be deleted completely (NOT RECOMMENDED IF THEY ARE USED BY ANYONE!) or by going to Server > Client Management > Group Chat Bookmarks. From there, you could remove the bookmark completely. Another option would be to go to Group Chat > Room Administration, select your room, and then remove yourself from User Permissions or uncheck List Room in Directory.

Some of these may work for you and some may not… it depends on how your server was set up from the get-go.

Thanks for your reply. None of these conference services actually exits on my openfire server. They are conference services on other federated servers so the Group Chat admin interface did not have the conference services listed and I did not have any Group Chat Bookmarks in Client Management. However, I figured out why these conference service kept showing up even after I deleted them and your bookmarks suggestion is what made me take another look. I simply had the chat rooms under the various conference services bookmarked so when I removed the bookmarks for the rooms and removed the conference services they did not show up again after I logged off and logged in again. Doh!