Can't remove openfire as windows service

We have reinstalled openfire server on this Windows Server 2003 box a couple times.

Originally it was installed at C:\Program Files\Openfire

now it is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Openfire

The problem is the Windows service. I was able to run:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Openfire\bin\openfire-service.exe /uninstall

and it said it removed it, however it is still in the services list. But all options are grayed out / gone

Now I can NOT do the C:\Program Files (x86)\Openfire\bin\openfire-service.exe /install

it gives me the error “Could not create service”

I am thinking it was because it was originally installed as a service from Program Files\ not Program Files (x86)\

Is there anything we can do at this point? Or can it never be installed as a service on this machine without major registry work?


Try SC DELETE command

Thanks for the response. I have been messwing with SC and can’t find the openfire service. I am trying the sc GetKeyName but it won’t find anything.

I am thinking it did remove it when I ran th uninstall cmd prompt command, I think I just need to reboot this Windows Server to get it to recognize that the service has actually been removed.

When I go into the service and try to change it to automatic I get a pop-up:

“This service has been marked for removal”

So I am thinking I will try to reboot and re-install it as a service here.

Thanks much