Can''t see my name in Contact List


I am having much fun moving from Merak as a Jabber server to wildfire

Got every thing correct, even semi automated user migration which is not supported by default.


You guessed right, there is a “but.”

I can’'t see my name listed in my group when I connect to Wildfire with the same client we use here “JAJC”

I can see every one except me, and that’'s the case for everyone here.

Why is that? If I must alter that behavior so that I see my entire group including my name, is there a way to do that? Any way? This means a lot for our employees for many reasons and I really really don’'t want to get back to Merak.

Thanks in advance


does group mean “server group” or roster?

If it is a roster you probably did miss to add yourself to your roster during migration of the users?


Not that easy

Here it is, I added 100 users, me included.

Distributed the users into groups,

For every group following options were selected

  • Share in Roster and - Show in every ones roster

That way the roster should be the same for every one in the company, no one even add or remove to their roster, they simply login and load the shared roster from the server.

Now to the amazing part… tadadada…

1- Member X can see every one in the company in their correct groups listed except for his/her own name.

2- He is not even counted in his group.

So for example I am member of IT group, every one in the company sees 4 IT members in the IT group except for me, I see only the other 3 members and the IT group in my roster is counted as 3 members only.

This is true for EVERY one in the compny relative to his group.

I mean each member sees all other members except for his own name.

I really can’'t understand why ?

And I really need to solve this problem, any help really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Come on guys help…

Funny Wonder why would Merak put your contact to your roster. This is just absurd. Well i do have my own phone in my mobile phonebook, because i can forget my number, but i dont call and talk to myself. So why would you need to see yourself in contact list? Maybe this is easier to remember what dep you are working in? No offence

Nor ICQ, MSN etc are putting yourself to your roster. So Jabber doesnt do that too. I think you would need to edit Wildfire source and build it for youself to get that functionality, or maybe some plugin can do that.