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Can't see the messages

Hi, I work has an IT help desk technicien and one of our users is having a weird problem with Spark. Whenever she sends out an message, her user name appears on top but the message stays below (the time and user name appears but not the message she sends out). When the other person replies to her, the message goes next to hers instead of going below (yet again you see the other users name and time but not the message).

Another weird problem related to her is that when she closes a chat box she cant re-open the same user.

I’ve installed a universal IM as temporary so she can still communicate with others in the office but I need to fix this issue and I’m all out of ideas.

I tried upgrading her Java runtime to the latest, I tried uninstalling and re-installing Spark with a spark free clean registry.

Do you use MSI installer? If so, then try EXE one. Also you can try installing the 2.6.0 Beta 2 or say spark-installer-11071.exe from here http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822

Before installing this new version, delete user’s profile C:\Documents and Settings\username\Spark

hey wroot,

it was installed with .msi

But the weird thing (and I also forgot to mention) is that when I log in as local administrator of her machine spark works fine, I can send and see messages perfectly.

I will try installing with .exe and let you know if theres any changes.

I just got back from the users office and it worked!

Deleted her spark profile and re-installed using the .exe and its working fine now.

thanks wroot

I have the same issue on Red Hat 6. But only for some users. i.e. User A cannot see posts from User B & USer C, but User B & C can see posts from each other.
I do not install from .rpm, just untar and install as root.
Any suggestions for this problem?