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Can''t see users


i have installed jive and jwchat using resin as posted on another thread on this forum. The installation seems to be correct but when clients sign in, they cant see each other. i can see they are connected to the server on the jive console and no errors are generated. I have tried creating new users on the console and the client with no success…

Please give me some advise… Thanks

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Have you tried using a normal XMPP client? It would be good to test that so you can determine if this is a server install issue or a JWChat install issue.



hi i have tryed to login using jbother but i cant connect i get the error “You are Not authorised” and im not sure what to enter on the resource field…

Please help me fix this problem…

could you try Exodus?

Are using Shared Groups? In that case you’'ll be able to see members of groups automaticly without haveing to put them to your roster.