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Can't send messages between Android and iOS

Hi, I’m developing a chat app and a web chat. When it comes to send messages between Android and Web, or iOS and Web, things goes well.

Also, when iOS is sending messages to Android, Android is receiving it.

The problem comes, when I try to send messages from Android to iOS, because iOS is not receiving it, even the listener doesn’t trigger (from web to iOS it’s triggered correctly). Is that something to do with message id?

I’m lost with this issue. Any help is highly appreciated

there is nothing to do with message id.

I had already developed application which can send message to android,ios and web on cross platform and it works well without altering message.

Please post your message stanza which is sent from ios as well as android so that i can better assists you.

Try to send message from ios to spark application and let me know does it receives messages or not?

Hi, thanks

From web to IOS (ios is receiving the message correctly), message is:


From Android to iOS (iOS is not receiving it, even received message listener doesn’t trigger):



From Android to Android, the message is received correctly.

Thanks in advance.

Problem solved. The thing is that IOS library we were using was having a bug. We’ve switched to another XMPP library for IOS and it’s working fine.