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Can't show Spark Group When much contacts in one of Group

Hi all,


I got a problems when i using Spark,When few contacts in ever group it ok, But When alots of ppl in any group as contacts more than 300, The spark will can not show any Group.


What’s worry with it? How do make it right?




Can you please try the newest version from here http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822 ?

thank u I will try it

I tried, but it’s not work.

sb.append(LOAD_ROSTER_ITEM_GROUPS).append(" WHERE rosterID IN (");

I found the mistake

Where did you find this?

in openfire package


This is openfire bug

So, how have you changed this line? Maybe you want to generate a patch in diff format? Then i’l be able to attach it in a bug tracker. OF-36.

            int currentindex=1;

            sb.append(LOAD_ROSTER_ITEM_GROUPS).append(" WHERE rosterID IN (");

            for (RosterItem item : itemList) {





                   sb.append(") or rosterID IN (");




By the way, openfire has lots of bug like this since using “IN” in sql

openfire has lots of bug
That’s not a news Well, i have filed this, but i’m not a coder, so someone else will have to investigate this.

What i was asking for is a patch in diff (difference) format, which can be easily applied to the source.